Personal Highway

by Personal Highway

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released April 15, 2015



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Personal Highway Prague, Czech Republic

Prague CZ
Original nu-jazz post-rock electro-alternative music. Top czech instrumentalists in the genre known from different projects. Sound deconstruction platform based on sonic improvisation.

Jan Aleš - keys, samples
Antonín Dlapa - guitars
Ondřej Hauser - basses
Michael Nosek - composer, leader, drums, samples
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Track Name: Aborted Passions
It was your silky skin in the moonglow and your wine red breath,
It was the beauty shown in the opened wardrobe, but not the inner beauty under the shell.

Then we were to have our good old times in the evenings but they never came.
And because of the empty bottles we knew that all of the yesterday’s lust would turn in today’s cold detachment.

Rather to do the same mistakes instead of being fresh
Rather to refuse the tender offer, which will be smashed,
Better to pass around something brand new high and then be
a parrot-like repeater with that bad luck sign

You´re a sunflower turning back from the stars
You´re the thirsty unable to reach the wells and farms
You´re a fool who doesn´t listen to advice

You were like a tiny spark for the one with sensitive eye
You were the sick one, wanting to die
The outer world with any step of you, but not without mine...
Track Name: Apprehension During Light Blue Flight
That beautiful blue sky, these breathtaking snow white clouds.
The yellow Sun above and the green grass deep below.
The colourful blurred speed and the pinker happiness.
But why do these mountains in the distance look so unkind?

Ignoring the bad feeling back in my neck I am turning the plane and heading to find out...

Dazed by the black mountains illusions I am circling around slowly for grey hours.
I am running low on fuel with the gauge blinking red and constantly bluer lake is already full of colour-blind rubbernecks...
Track Name: Phase 2 Phase
Laying in the dust I am comming to understand those moments. Moments of weakened feelings about these two beings which have been like one for such a long time. Moments when one still believes and the other one is sinking into someone new.
"It´s exciting, honey, isn´t it?"

Can´t you remember all that love?
Can´t you remember all that devotion?
Can´t you feel my faith I had in you?
And what is the price of the destroyed soul, beloved bitch?

We are watching each other through darkness. I know that it was mine for the last time.
Two human beings lying face to face.
So close to each other they are taking up to be phased in their rotten love...
Track Name: Emergency Call
Sometimes you should remember that I was stronger.
Sometimes you may look through wider eyes.
Sometimes you should listen my pleading call.
Sometimes you should realize.

That everything came from me.
For you.
For all.
For free...
Track Name: Lonesome Dying
The time so stretched and the soul so narrow.
Cronies so far and the loneliness nearby.
Everything so clear but the world so uncomprehended.
Pretty and pure outside and spoiled underneath at the same time.
The body so free and the head so chained.

"54°25,8′ S 3°22,8′ E", I whisper...

Your hands so close to my heart and so far away from here.
Mother love so strong and the child so weak.
People taking care of themselves and ignoring the world outside.

" . . . - - - . . . ", they speak silently...

I can almost see the imprints of all these abandoned creatures which had to face their labyrinths of misunderstanding for the last time.

"Mum, please, forgive the weak."

The day so hot and the water so cold.
The life so necessitous and the death so close...
Track Name: Age V
After a long time of living in empty space you start to recognize something. Something warm and well known.
After many weeks of regrets, sadness and pain you´ve finally found your hope.
And you´ve recalled the feeling of the world being such a beautiful place...not hollow and dead.
So why is everything still so fucking sad?

These ages of detestation, misunderstandings and ruthlessness.
These ages of slaughtered nations, widows and forlorn progeny.
These ages without your warmth...